Preventing and dealing with smart phone theft and YouTube’s new (and fun) Trends Map

Smart phone thefts are on the rise. How do you deal with the stress after a phone theft? How do you dodge robbers in the first place? And what should you do if your phone is stolen? Here are some great tips from the experts.

YouTube is launching a paid subscription model for some channels. No, you won’t have to pay to watch the latest cat laser video or upload your house tour, but you can subscribe to tune into Fraggle Rock or the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Interested to see how this new paid model takes off in coming months? Well, perhaps you can track its success via the site’s YouTube Trends Map which lets you know what videos are popular by city in the US. Results can be filtered by sex, age, and viewed vs shared. It’s really interesting to see how regions tie together and how different videos capture the imagination of a demographic. Of course, often one inane video is swamping the whole country such as today’s Charles Ramsey Songified, but there are surprises, such as the popularity of the video of David Foster Wallace’s commencement address This is Water.

Time has come out with its annual 50 best websites of 2013. How many have you visited?