How do you think real estate markets will be looking in the next year or so? For better or for worse? Real estate markets are almost extremely tied in with how the rest of the market is doing, so within the past 10 years, we've seen many ups and downs. What's in the past is set and done, so how can we look at the real estate market for the future months and future years?

When looking at average real estate prices, we've seen a steady rise in the last couple of years. Nothing tremendous, but a rise none the less. That is a healthy indicator that home buyers are becoming more confident in making a large scale investment, and that we are seeing more demand for homes on the market. Although no one can make any bold predictions, the real estate market is not as risky as it was shortly before the bust, as better regulations on lending is being enforced, and there isn't as much room to fall as there once was.

In the coming years, there are far too many factors that influence a market, let alone the real estate market to make an educated prediction. International economies, supply and demand for natural resources, and governmental regulation factors will continue to play a huge role in determining how powerful the real estate market in the United States will be in the coming years. All we know is that these are the factors that influence the market, and we can make our predictions as we gather this informa